Ex-Pornstar/Activist, Monica Foster, Physically Stalked by Porn Attorney Marc Randazza and Porn Thug Ari Bass

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BEWARE: These Porn Trolls WILL Threaten Your Life, Your Family and Your Friends!

EDITORIAL: I want you to see EXACTLY what these Los Angeles porn trolls do to the girls and women who end up in Porn Valley. Marc Randazza is a LICENSED, PRACTICING attorney. Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre is a well known porn industry thug. These men, whom btw have been given mainstream media access on several occasions in the past year, are actively stalking, harassing, intimidating and threatening a fellow activist and anyone else who speaks out about the criminal activity and abuse running rampant in Porn Valley.

These men are criminals. They belong to organized crime syndicates. They are physically tracking and stalking an American citizen. This is what we’ve lived with for the past several years. It’s been 6 years this month for my family. Where is the justice? Where is our right to a safe and normal life?? When you go to work inside the Los Angeles adult entertainment industry, you go to work for The Mob. Once you’re been there, they never leave you alone!!

Why is our American judicial system allowing these porn industry criminals to stalk innocent citizens who are whistleblowers of massive abuse and corruption in a legal US industry?? Why is Marc Randazza still allowed to practice law when it’s obvious all he does is intimidate those who report on his industry’s corruption, abuse and RICO violations!

If you tell the truth about porn, you will be stalked like Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster

MonicaFoster on March 18, 2014


Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:
beware-of-randazza-and-bassShortly after I began extensively researching, blogging about and speaking out about organized crime and the pornographic industry, men such as Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, porn industry attorney Marc Randazza and their associates have gone to great lengths to attempt to bully, harass and intimidate me into silence.

Take a look at the screen shots below of a website (I do not own) created specifically about myself. This website was launched shortly after I created http://www.RandazzaNews.com. Unlike RandazzaNews.com however, I’ve never written as though I AM Marc Randazzza, nor have I hired a photographer to take pictures of his home, neighborhood, etc. The photos on screencaps below are not from Google Maps (both Marc Randazza & Ari Bass are located in my city).

It’s been over 3 years now that these people have attempted to affect my life. From my perspective, all their actions do is prove every thing I’ve stated as being valid. Basically, if you’re a pornstar or porn “professional” who chooses to speak out about issues pertaining to the pornographic industry, YOU WILL BE STALKED (and as Michael Fattorosi just mentioned this weekend, it’s not difficult to obtain your personal information).

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 2

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 3

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 4

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 5

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 8

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 9

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 10

Ari Bass Marc Randazza stalking Alexandra Mayers 13

Text from the website – note the racial references and the parts referring to me being an escort (which I am not the only adult work I do is as a solo independent webcam model), and the reference to my killing myself at the end:

Aside from being an online blog-spot mogul who gets hundreds of clicks a month, I’m also one of the top three black artists of all time .. Given my worldwide popularity I often get this question, “Alexandra, how do you come up with all these stupid conspiracies that have absolutely no truth to them?[I’ve spoken the truth, and these photos and blog post prove it.]” The first time my dad asked me that I just chuckled and said that’s the same thing mom asked me.. But soon I started to realize that people may truly wonder how my fucked up mind works? Some say it’s wine and drugs while others blame it on my wonky eye.

After some day old room temperature sushi sautéed in Everclear 220 it hit me. I’ll create picture art of my normal day so my fan (Barry) can see how the Mind Of Monica really works.

I normally wake up around the time the moon goes away, this could be anywhere between 8am and 5:45pm. I really don’t understand why the moon goes away but I’m pretty sure Jew Pimps in the LA Porn Industry have something to do with it, I’ll blog about it later.

First thing I do is walk out the door

As you can clearly see my town home is perfect for The Black Queen I am, one day I may even let a real Black person in, fingers crossed.

Since my day begins at weird Jew controlled times I always need my thinking fuel. If I sleep past noon I usually head here first.

Occasionally the Jew-controlled, organized crime-riddled LA Porn industry, run by Randazza, Whiteacre, Devoy, Tompkins, FSC, Will Ryder, Matt Holder, Mark Spiegler, Tee Reel, Bill Cosby, The Discovery Channel and a few others tries to kill me. They usually try and kill me early in the morning when I’m passed out after doing what I call legally dead masturbation. That’s were you drink wine until blood drips out of your ear then blog about rape until you orgasm. After cleaning the dried blood from my ear, I head here to America’s Mart and wait for them to open.

Silly Barry, I head on over to Fireside for some drinks and free chips and salsa.

Sometimes after eating the chips and salsa I start to feel dirty inside. Not sure if its the peppers or the semen from last night’s client. What’s certain is my dog hasn’t eaten in days, so I blow my waiter and head on out for some pet supplies.

I didn’t really blow my waiter, he forced me to blow him, Ill blog about it later. This is my Petsmart, I buy my dog food from here. Its a bitter sweet place for me as it reminds me of my best friend who died, Peaches the bird.

Luckily for my dog, I learned a lesson from Peaches, pets cant live off wine alone, they need pet food bought from something other then a Liquor store.

Sometimes I cant find the high im looking for with just wine, so you can find find me at Michaels Arts and Crafts Store.

When my ads get deleted off Craigslist, I stock up on paint. It makes it easier when I’m hanging out in the lobby of Howard Johnson’s waiting on my next client. If I have any paint left over i may even paint a picture.

After grabbing all my blogging fuel, I head back to my subdivision and hang out by the basketball court looking for a boyfriend.

Its so hard for me to find a boyfriend watching the basketball court since mostly black guys hang out there. You can also find me here during the Holidays, since im always alone this place is perfect for me to daydream about having a caring family, and a white husband. Not to mention its a good place to meet Johns before I bring them home.

This gazebo has strong rafters as well, Im sure it would support all 155 pounds of me, In fact, Its my wish to have my ashes spread around the bushes in the event Bill Cosby kills me.

I hope you enjoyed my short tour of Foster Land. Oh shit, I just remembered why that plane is missing. Ill blog about it later.


The statewide condom mandate bill aB 1576, has formally passed the Assembly Arts and Entertainment Committee.

From XBIZ:

“Assembly members Ian Calderon, Marie Waldron, Richard Brown and Jimmy Gomez voted in support of the bill, which needed four votes to pass the committee. Assembly member Scott Wilk voted against the bill and Cheryl Brown abstained.”

“The bill’s hearing incited heated passion from contributors from both sides and committee moderators needed to request the crowd repeatedly to quiet down. Now’s argument focused greatly to the economical impact of the bill on California, and if a condom mandate will force the mature industry — and its own revenue — into other states.”

“”You have been told a lot by this bill’s opposition to get you challenge your preceding choice to support your workers,” said Isadore Hall, the bill’s sponsor. “A challenge the constitutionality of the law and they claim the industry will leave California.””

Mature business lawyer Mark Randazza…”

Excellent. No wonder the industry lost.

From every one of the lawyers, from Paul Cambria on down, the man who does business having a pedophile to speak in a committee hearing Marc Randazza, was decided by you guys? Good job, everybody.

You do realize that Isadore Hall and everybody on the other side sat there and said, “Who’s coming to the committee hearing?” They named the people who have been attending and Isadore Hall, who reads all of the mature blogs said, “Oh, this Randazza guy encourages pedophilia. Slam dunk.”

Why our industry would let Marc Randazza is beyond me. But that is our business. They do not understand how to fight back. They don’t understand how to put up a fight. So in turn, we let a whole lot of cuckoo birds speak for all of us.

Good occupation, dummies.

“Randazza explained that California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states isn’t prostitution, however do not expressly bar mature shoots. He added that he has personally seen the move of numerous large businesses to Nevada.”

“”I moved the first business from California to Nevada.

Marc Randazza, who is that company douche lying? 25 million dollars is being done by what business?

I’m telling ya, the mature sector is its own worst foe. You guys shoot yourself in the foot every time you let morons speak. He says stuff like “California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states is not prostitution, however do not specifically bar mature shoots.” He acts like he’s talking to ignorant porn folks. Each of those people on the committee are thinking, “So what you are saying, Mr. Randazza, is that these states haven’t especially banned shooting porn, they have merely not yet set a rule in place that says shooting porn isn’t prostitution. So that they could actually arrest people for making pornography and say it’s prostitution.” To which Randazza would respond, “Well… uhh… yes.”

“Thank you. I vote yes. Next bill.”

If ya were on the committee, I would’ve inquired, “Mr. Randazza, that is an awful lot of cash. Are you able to tell the committee who that business is so we verify the veracity of the claim and can research their tax return? Oh, you can’t? So it’s a lie? OK, ya’ve heard enough.

There’s your spokesman. A guy who maintains it is legal to shoot in all these other states because they haven’t specifically prohibited it yet and California and New Hampshire have only said that shooting pornography is not prostitution, so any other state could still charge somebody with pandering and prostitution, so if California does not let the porn business do what it needs, it’ll just transfer, lock, stock and barrel into these other states.

Let us continue with the Marc Randazza bullshit train:

“”The Nevada political environment is quite comfortable with this, very content to have this industry. I moved to Nevada with that customer, so I’m pleased to have this business move there. My San Francisco office can serve the if they stay where they’re, but should they move to Nevada, you might be looking at one of the beneficiaries of it. It’s not true that they will not move there.””

Is Porn business attorney Ronald D. Green trying to frame Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster? The evidence

As many who follow the pornographic business news understand, Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster is being sued with a customer represented by pornographic business lawyer Ronald D. Green of Randazza Legal Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. The customer is the wife of Ronald D. Green’s business associate and company.

Alexandra Mayers was not able to attend the protective order hearing on July 25, 2014 – so the protective order was allowed by default to Ronald D. Green’s associate and company at Randazza Legal Group.

There’s no manner that Ronald D. Green didn’t find out about the protective order that associate and his company filed against Alexandra Mayers – So just what is Ronald D. Green doing? Is he just a lawyer that is inept? Is he trying to frame Alexandra Mayers? Is it a solution to obstruct justice?

Alexandra Mayers received in late January, was The impersonating his client – Which is what led to the litigation? It appears not unlikely.

As a result of the fiscal problem Alexandra Mayers is now confronting, to defend herself in the suit the Nevada courts granted her In Forma Pauperis status (a “fee waiver” for her court filings). Ronald D. Green promptly filed an opposition to Mayers’ In Forma Pauperis in May of 2014.

It is not the initial time Ronald D. Green has been found basically committing fraud on the courts. Independent Fact-Finding blogger Crystal Cox (who recently acquired via a National Appeals court the same free speech protections for bloggers as conventional journalist) alleges that Ronald D. Green blatantly lied in wishes to her legal problems and said ” flat out lies about his goals, distorts laws and makes matters up just to purposefully hurt his casualties”.

Is Marc Randazza for hire to make an ideal Payback Porn website? It appears he may be behind Pornwikileaks…

A litigation by April filed against Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster. In the video above, Marc Randazza states in relation to the vengeance porn website IsAnyoneUp.com – that to shut the site he (as well as the customer he represented) just purchased the site for $10,000.

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster does not possess or manage any “payback pornography” sites, however she does run sites of which include material people within the pornographic business (and who in some cases are attached to organized crime) would preferably not have online. Has Randazza Legal Group been contacted by these people to try to shut Alexandra’s web site’s using “payback pornography takedown” techniques?

Eventually, (at about the 46 minute mark) Randazza says this in days gone by, the greatest issue with “retaliation pornography” sites is that “they have all been run by morons”.

And so the inquiry is: Has Marc Randazza created (or helped in the creation) of other sites that could be classified as “retaliation pornography”? How about the other members of the panel? Have they taken such activities? Just how much cash have they brought in if so and that has hired them?

Marc Randazza seems to believe young women who guys emotionally mistreat using racial bullying should shut up. No wonder Michael Weinstein prevailed over Marc’s idiocy.

Now I just can not consider the load of CRAP that is whole Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group had enough sway to have released on CNN.

Well, that’s VERY TELLING with regard to JUST who Marc Randazza is. I really witnessed such attitude (psychological maltreatment against women’s condoning) while working in the la pornography business.

TODAY, I think that it was all IS MOST PROBABLY A CLOSET RACIST as well as really being a MALE CHAUVINIST PIG!

I never believed Marc Randazza was attached to organized crime because of his ethnic heritage – I believed what I did BECAUSE OF ACTION AND HIS HISTORY!

That is correct – Randazza Legal Group is trying TRAFFIC me!

You will find many folks in positions of power that have read my Civil Suit court response and who’ve seen my evidence with reference to Marc Randazza’s obvious connection to pornographic business sextraficking and organized crime, although I haven’t posted it online only yet.

Monica Foster helped Marc Randazza recover the domain name of his wife and DECLINED payment.
Marc Randazza appears to get the ATTITUDE that girls who find the few people involved with older guys whether it be as wife, a girlfriend, mistress or hooker should only SIT DOWN, SHUT UP and TAKE WHATEVER MISTREATMENT is dished out to them. Marc Randazza’s DEFENSE now basically states ONLY THAT – because Donald did not merely emotionally mistreatment V. Staviano (his mistress) – Donald Sterling mentally ABUSED HIS OWN WIFE (as can be CERTAINLY assessed by anyone)!

I consider God works in cryptic ways and through Jesus Christ in due time (), so I am trying my best to stay calm. YET, I ask you – my readers – IS MARC RANDAZZA EVEN GIVEN A PROGRAM on CNN?

I find it VERY TELLING that though the Free Speech Coalition (that’s the political face for the porn business) had Marc Randazza SPEAK FOR my readers, he NEGLECTED to present himself now.

Since Marc Randazza feels compelled to defend Donald Sterling – I believe Marc Randazza needs to be PROHIBITED from all attached social groups, the NBA and all of which CONDONES this kind of DISGUSTING PRE CIVIL WAR AGE ATTITUDE of SOCIETY!

Neither African American’s, girls or ANYONE for that matter (who may have less CASH than ANYONE) are any LESS PRECIOUS than ANYONE on this particular PLANET! It is ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS VALUE OF THE SPIRIT!

A Randazza Legal Group Warning as I Join List of Bloggers Threatened by Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza

WOW! This is crazy! Check this article out by http://pornpimpingpolitics.com/

I just got my first notice from Godaddy that Marc Randazza is exploiting Miami’s court system in an attempt to gather my personal information. Now, the truth is he already has my information so this is simply a scare tactic to try to inhibit my freedom of speech.

Ironic isn’t it? An attorney who promotes himself as a protector of Porn Valley organized crime player’s freedom of speech threatens bloggers and uses our domain registrars and hosting companies to harass us. I’ve notified Godaddy that Marc Randazza has already admitted in written communications with Godaddy that his firm knows this is an illegal manipulation of our judicial system. Thus, they are both liable if my personal information is, in fact, released to any party.

“Upon further review of the subpoenas issued to GoDaddy, we realize that they were not properly issued.  Pursuant to December 2013 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the subpoenas should have been issued from the United States District Court for the District of Nevada and not the District of Arizona.  (See Fed. R. Civ. P. 45(a)(2).)  Accordingly, we withdraw the subpoenas.”
Ronald D. Green, Jr.
Randazza Legal Group
3625 South Town Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Tel: 702.420.2001
Fax: 702.420.2003
Email: rdg@randazza.com”

So now he comes to Florida. Guess we’ll need to audit the Miami court system if they are allow organized crime syndicates who openly prostitute and sex traffick women in both Los Angeles and Miami (where my daughter and subsequently myself, were both trafficked from) to use their court system to harass and threaten activists exposing Porn Valley AND Porn Beach corruption and crimes.

Wondering why Marc didn’t file in Tampa courts? Could it be he knows he’d be on my territory here and he stands a better chance in Porn Beach? In Miami, these pimps are right at home. Their second home, that is!


This email is to inform you that we have received a properly formatted Amended Complaint in Equity for a Bill of Pure Discovery for documents in the following civil action:Marc J. Randazza et al. v GoDaddy, LLC et al. issued by the Miami-Dade County, Florida 11th Judicial Circuit Court, Civil Action No. 2014-5636-CA.  Our response to this subpoena may require us to disclose some of your personally identifiable information.  Therefore, we are providing this notice as a courtesy to give you an opportunity to object to the Amended Complaint.  The only way to object to a properly filed Amended Complaint is by filing an objection with the court in which the matter is pending.  If you intend on filing an objection, please let us know within 3 business days.  If we do not receive an objection notice indicating that you have filed or will be filing an objection, we will continue with producing the documents requested and may charge your account according to our registration agreement.  Should you require additional time within which to file your objection with the court, please let us know.

In order to obtain further information related to the pending litigation or a copy of the subpoena, you may contact counsel for the requesting party as follows:

Marc J. Randazza
Randazza Legal Group
2 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2600
Miami, FL 33131
888.667.1113 Telephone

Marc Randazza Exploits Miami Court System with Conspiracy Theories and Just Plain Bat Shit Crazy Stuff

Marc – What Is It?

EDITORIAL: To begin with , I have never met with Crystal Cox. The sole link we have is we both have endured stalking, harassment and dangers to our families, ourselves as well as our support networks from several folks who have exposed themselves but also stalking each of us and in person. You just follow themselves to get a limited while to find out their routines. You can not unsee the pattern after you start to see it!!

I am wondering Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins are not recorded. I have had more relations in link to Randazza together afterward Monica Foster or Crystal Cox. I remarked on their work from research and my experiences and just posted it. I must concur that he is losing his view here. It is the first phases of stalker dysfunction. Their egotism must win and they escalate when they do not. It is the Id.’s creature

Oh yeah, Crystal and me consented on that one also). Marc has gone utterly Bat Shit Insane only at that point. Marc, get control of this beast please!!


They understand we do not have the capacity to fight in courtroom. All we need to do is keeping working here. My battles are fought by me in The World Court. Hey Marc, my jury is larger than yours:P= You expose yourself expose each defect in the United States in each system with every step you take. You understand why that’s? Since your entire group has their ugly, foul, bad organized crime that is small fingers in each and every system in the United States now. And they purchased it all!

Civil rights for offenders simply. Girls souls on the market daily!
What I’ve reported on were posts I discovered that others have composed who’ve experienced the same illegal actions within their lives by exactly the same group of individuals who we have alone linked trolling all, as I. I have viewed the evidence of another bloggers that are independent whose narratives I have shared on some and my websites I haven’t. It is all there, people. OR, perhaps folks did and the reason they have given important press time really because they are all inside their bad small beds together is to these men. The pimps as well as their filthy little thugs.

The pimps allowed us 3 days. Does that seem such as an American judicial system is designed to work? My work was utilized as evidence in a suit that was legal and today Godaddy is giving such offenders my private information along with they were given permission by the Miami judicial system . I am one American who says criminals merely established there’s no justice in the us anymore. Along with our Witness is continued as by the World!

Now, the fact remains, Marc Randazza has all of our private advice. We already understand what small Marc and private investigation services the business do their dirty work through. They are actually fairly clear about everything they do because our whole nation is so high in corruption.

Our US courts protect the offenders instead of great, hardworking citizens. The majority of these men are not EVEN AMERICAN CITIZENS. I would like to understand. What are you going to believe when it is you? All my work can be seen by you. It is ALL backed with evidence that is incontrovertible. Would you believe that because my work was used by someone in a lawsuit (and I am not a party to that particular suit), they need to get entry to my private information?

Does one believe that was shared by others and remark you post someplace online should enable some sleazy pornography troll lawyer to get the address your billing information to your own house, and who is aware of what?