The statewide condom mandate bill aB 1576, has formally passed the Assembly Arts and Entertainment Committee.

From XBIZ:

“Assembly members Ian Calderon, Marie Waldron, Richard Brown and Jimmy Gomez voted in support of the bill, which needed four votes to pass the committee. Assembly member Scott Wilk voted against the bill and Cheryl Brown abstained.”

“The bill’s hearing incited heated passion from contributors from both sides and committee moderators needed to request the crowd repeatedly to quiet down. Now’s argument focused greatly to the economical impact of the bill on California, and if a condom mandate will force the mature industry — and its own revenue — into other states.”

“”You have been told a lot by this bill’s opposition to get you challenge your preceding choice to support your workers,” said Isadore Hall, the bill’s sponsor. “A challenge the constitutionality of the law and they claim the industry will leave California.””

Mature business lawyer Mark Randazza…”

Excellent. No wonder the industry lost.

From every one of the lawyers, from Paul Cambria on down, the man who does business having a pedophile to speak in a committee hearing Marc Randazza, was decided by you guys? Good job, everybody.

You do realize that Isadore Hall and everybody on the other side sat there and said, “Who’s coming to the committee hearing?” They named the people who have been attending and Isadore Hall, who reads all of the mature blogs said, “Oh, this Randazza guy encourages pedophilia. Slam dunk.”

Why our industry would let Marc Randazza is beyond me. But that is our business. They do not understand how to fight back. They don’t understand how to put up a fight. So in turn, we let a whole lot of cuckoo birds speak for all of us.

Good occupation, dummies.

“Randazza explained that California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states isn’t prostitution, however do not expressly bar mature shoots. He added that he has personally seen the move of numerous large businesses to Nevada.”

“”I moved the first business from California to Nevada.

Marc Randazza, who is that company douche lying? 25 million dollars is being done by what business?

I’m telling ya, the mature sector is its own worst foe. You guys shoot yourself in the foot every time you let morons speak. He says stuff like “California and New Hampshire simply clarify that filming adult movies in those states is not prostitution, however do not specifically bar mature shoots.” He acts like he’s talking to ignorant porn folks. Each of those people on the committee are thinking, “So what you are saying, Mr. Randazza, is that these states haven’t especially banned shooting porn, they have merely not yet set a rule in place that says shooting porn isn’t prostitution. So that they could actually arrest people for making pornography and say it’s prostitution.” To which Randazza would respond, “Well… uhh… yes.”

“Thank you. I vote yes. Next bill.”

If ya were on the committee, I would’ve inquired, “Mr. Randazza, that is an awful lot of cash. Are you able to tell the committee who that business is so we verify the veracity of the claim and can research their tax return? Oh, you can’t? So it’s a lie? OK, ya’ve heard enough.

There’s your spokesman. A guy who maintains it is legal to shoot in all these other states because they haven’t specifically prohibited it yet and California and New Hampshire have only said that shooting pornography is not prostitution, so any other state could still charge somebody with pandering and prostitution, so if California does not let the porn business do what it needs, it’ll just transfer, lock, stock and barrel into these other states.

Let us continue with the Marc Randazza bullshit train:

“”The Nevada political environment is quite comfortable with this, very content to have this industry. I moved to Nevada with that customer, so I’m pleased to have this business move there. My San Francisco office can serve the if they stay where they’re, but should they move to Nevada, you might be looking at one of the beneficiaries of it. It’s not true that they will not move there.””


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