Marc Randazza seems to believe young women who guys emotionally mistreat using racial bullying should shut up. No wonder Michael Weinstein prevailed over Marc’s idiocy.

Now I just can not consider the load of CRAP that is whole Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group had enough sway to have released on CNN.

Well, that’s VERY TELLING with regard to JUST who Marc Randazza is. I really witnessed such attitude (psychological maltreatment against women’s condoning) while working in the la pornography business.

TODAY, I think that it was all IS MOST PROBABLY A CLOSET RACIST as well as really being a MALE CHAUVINIST PIG!

I never believed Marc Randazza was attached to organized crime because of his ethnic heritage – I believed what I did BECAUSE OF ACTION AND HIS HISTORY!

That is correct – Randazza Legal Group is trying TRAFFIC me!

You will find many folks in positions of power that have read my Civil Suit court response and who’ve seen my evidence with reference to Marc Randazza’s obvious connection to pornographic business sextraficking and organized crime, although I haven’t posted it online only yet.

Monica Foster helped Marc Randazza recover the domain name of his wife and DECLINED payment.
Marc Randazza appears to get the ATTITUDE that girls who find the few people involved with older guys whether it be as wife, a girlfriend, mistress or hooker should only SIT DOWN, SHUT UP and TAKE WHATEVER MISTREATMENT is dished out to them. Marc Randazza’s DEFENSE now basically states ONLY THAT – because Donald did not merely emotionally mistreatment V. Staviano (his mistress) – Donald Sterling mentally ABUSED HIS OWN WIFE (as can be CERTAINLY assessed by anyone)!

I consider God works in cryptic ways and through Jesus Christ in due time (), so I am trying my best to stay calm. YET, I ask you – my readers – IS MARC RANDAZZA EVEN GIVEN A PROGRAM on CNN?

I find it VERY TELLING that though the Free Speech Coalition (that’s the political face for the porn business) had Marc Randazza SPEAK FOR my readers, he NEGLECTED to present himself now.

Since Marc Randazza feels compelled to defend Donald Sterling – I believe Marc Randazza needs to be PROHIBITED from all attached social groups, the NBA and all of which CONDONES this kind of DISGUSTING PRE CIVIL WAR AGE ATTITUDE of SOCIETY!

Neither African American’s, girls or ANYONE for that matter (who may have less CASH than ANYONE) are any LESS PRECIOUS than ANYONE on this particular PLANET! It is ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS VALUE OF THE SPIRIT!


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