Marc Randazza Exploits Miami Court System with Conspiracy Theories and Just Plain Bat Shit Crazy Stuff

Marc – What Is It?

EDITORIAL: To begin with , I have never met with Crystal Cox. The sole link we have is we both have endured stalking, harassment and dangers to our families, ourselves as well as our support networks from several folks who have exposed themselves but also stalking each of us and in person. You just follow themselves to get a limited while to find out their routines. You can not unsee the pattern after you start to see it!!

I am wondering Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins are not recorded. I have had more relations in link to Randazza together afterward Monica Foster or Crystal Cox. I remarked on their work from research and my experiences and just posted it. I must concur that he is losing his view here. It is the first phases of stalker dysfunction. Their egotism must win and they escalate when they do not. It is the Id.’s creature

Oh yeah, Crystal and me consented on that one also). Marc has gone utterly Bat Shit Insane only at that point. Marc, get control of this beast please!!


They understand we do not have the capacity to fight in courtroom. All we need to do is keeping working here. My battles are fought by me in The World Court. Hey Marc, my jury is larger than yours:P= You expose yourself expose each defect in the United States in each system with every step you take. You understand why that’s? Since your entire group has their ugly, foul, bad organized crime that is small fingers in each and every system in the United States now. And they purchased it all!

Civil rights for offenders simply. Girls souls on the market daily!
What I’ve reported on were posts I discovered that others have composed who’ve experienced the same illegal actions within their lives by exactly the same group of individuals who we have alone linked trolling all, as I. I have viewed the evidence of another bloggers that are independent whose narratives I have shared on some and my websites I haven’t. It is all there, people. OR, perhaps folks did and the reason they have given important press time really because they are all inside their bad small beds together is to these men. The pimps as well as their filthy little thugs.

The pimps allowed us 3 days. Does that seem such as an American judicial system is designed to work? My work was utilized as evidence in a suit that was legal and today Godaddy is giving such offenders my private information along with they were given permission by the Miami judicial system . I am one American who says criminals merely established there’s no justice in the us anymore. Along with our Witness is continued as by the World!

Now, the fact remains, Marc Randazza has all of our private advice. We already understand what small Marc and private investigation services the business do their dirty work through. They are actually fairly clear about everything they do because our whole nation is so high in corruption.

Our US courts protect the offenders instead of great, hardworking citizens. The majority of these men are not EVEN AMERICAN CITIZENS. I would like to understand. What are you going to believe when it is you? All my work can be seen by you. It is ALL backed with evidence that is incontrovertible. Would you believe that because my work was used by someone in a lawsuit (and I am not a party to that particular suit), they need to get entry to my private information?

Does one believe that was shared by others and remark you post someplace online should enable some sleazy pornography troll lawyer to get the address your billing information to your own house, and who is aware of what?


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