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Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza is GUILTY of unethical practices, Fraud on the Courts, Violating my Constitutional Rights, Violating my Free Speech Rights, Denying me Due Process, using Privileged information gained acting as my attorney against me to further his own agenda and protect his clients in the Porn Industry.

MarcRandazzaCrystalCoxMarc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group talked down to me as a client, misrepresented me, mistreated me and attempted to make deals on my behalf with the opposition in my case without discussion the deal with me, the client prior.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group acts outside of the law and puts his clients rights and quality of life in the back seat per say as he does as he pleases with total disregard for what is truly the best interest of his client.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group believes that if he takes a case for Free, then you dang well better sit down and shut up, and do what he says. Another words don’t think for yourself nor question any action that he takes, that is allegedly in your best interest.

Attorney Marc Randazza offered to represent me for FREE on my Ninth Circuit Appeal, but really he was sabotaging my case and trying to STOP me from appealing so that he could protect the Porn Industry from the Implications of my First Amendment Case.

Plus, the “for Free” turned out to be approx. $5,000, but hey a case like mine would cost $75,000 he said so $5000 is just for his plane tickets and hotels, copies and such. This after I had a huge judgement, was trying to appeal which he was trying to talk me out of and clearly I had NO MONEY.

Do not trust Marc Randazza or anyone at Randazza Legal Group, do your homework.

His rates are around $10,000 a month and he is not a very good lawyer. I tried to warn the public about Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, and he sued me for a Trademark Violation and shut down my speech online that criticized him. With this he wanted awarded, what was round $10,000 a month for his attorney fees to pay his own law firm to sue his former client who was exposing him.

The Whole Randazza vs. Cox case docket is below

I FIRED Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group due to his verbal abuse to me, running over my rights, ignoring what I wanted in my own case and treating me badly. Months later he sued me for millions and has participated in defamation, gang stalking, SLAPP lawsuits, and a constant tired of attacks since.

Over the last 2 years I have been given a lot of tips and inside information regarding Marc Randazza and have done my best to let the courts know and try and bring Marc Randazza and his law firm, Randazza Legal Group to justice.  I will continue to file complaints with authorities, legal cases, and attempt to protect the public from being a victim of  Marc Randazza or his law firm,  Randazza Legal Group, as I have and am on a daily basis.

By Posting this Report, I hope to save YOU from being a VICTIM of Attorney Marc Randazza or his law firm,  Randazza Legal Group.

Links to further research the unethical practices and organized crime connections of Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group


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