Marc Randazza furthers his education internationally to continue defending pedophiles & child pornography in America

The more I read, the more sick I feel! What is going on? Read this:

Please watch the video below to learn how child porn and pedophilia rings may be protected by powerful & corrupt individuals within the United States government.  Does porn industry attorney Marc Randazza assist such individuals? Decide for reading his own words defending a book called “The Pedophile’s Guide”.

article spotted on Xbiz (NSFW link)

marc randazza the trollAdult entertainment attorney Marc Randazza has announced that he recently completed his masters of law in intellectual property in Turin, Italy.

Turin’s masters of law (LLM) program, sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the University of Turin, provides an in-depth examination of intellectual property law, particularly on matters of competition and antitrust, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property and international aspects of intellectual property, among other subjects.

“During my time in the LLM program, I was exposed to many intellectual property professionals from around the world. I exchanged ideas and discussed changes in IP law with the brightest minds in international IP,” said Randazza, managing partner of Randazza Legal Group.

The Turin program, now in its 13th year, has more than 400 alumni. Randazza and others also attended classes at WIPO’s headquarters in Switzerland.

“I believe that offering an internship to future students in the program will give Randazza Legal Group a broader international perspective,” Randazza said. “However, I also am confident that our international interns will return to their own countries with a deeper love for free speech principles, which are at the core of my firm’s heart.”

Randazza Legal Group has offices in Las Vegas and Miami, both specializing in intellectual property, First Amendment and Internet law.


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